Training Services

General Training 

Sprinticity’s general training is an educational track and field experience, delivering results through personal growth, athletic awareness, and the fostering of the competitive spirit.  The club’s core curriculum has been designed to empower ANY athlete to be the best they can be.  Athletes working in the Sprinticity curriculum will learn skills that are relevant to both track and field, as well as general athletics.  Sprinticity athletes are encouraged to compete at meets with the club around New England.

Athletes may also choose to workout with one of our Sponsored Elite Athletes to work alongside some of the most talented athletes that Vermont has to offer.

General Training takes place at UVM’s outdoor track on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00pm, from May to September, as well as indoor at UVM’s indoor track from January to February. A more detailed schedule can be found on our calendar page. An annual membership for general training costs $120 or $80 for a summer membership.  Registration link and benefits to being a member can be found here.

Premium Services

Private Training

If you’re looking for more than the General Training Services that Sprinticity has to offer, private training could be right for you.  Work 1 on 1 with one of Sprinticity’s coaches to deliver a personalized experience tailored to you.  During these sessions, athletes will get an in depth analysis of their current athletic state, with a roadmap of how to get to the next level.  These sessions may be purchased individually, or in a package of hour long sessions.

Speed Clinics

Speed is a crucial element to so many sports, but can often times be overlooked as a skill.  The fundamental skill that Sprinticity teaches is SPEED; let our coaches work with your team to help develop speed over your opponents to give you that competitive edge.  Curriculums are designed with the given team in mind, with mechanics and form being at the forefront of the training.  Sprinticity is teaching the application of speed to a given sport.  Athletes that participate in speed clinics will gain a better understanding of their movements to move faster, and more efficiently.  Pricing is based on the team at hand.

For more information and pricing details about Private Training and Speed Clinics, please email