Hi All,
Based on your feedback, we will be keeping relays in their original places. The order of events for tomorrow is as follows:

8:55 AM

We will have numbers of heats, etc tomorrow morning at the coaches meeting.

Reminder: the upper track is available to us for warmups and spectating- please let your athletes, parents and fans know.

Thank you to those of who provided your thoughts and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Gaelan, Travis, and Kevin


To allow more opportunity for athletes to participate and qualify for states in LJ, Saturday’s meet (1/14) will be opened up to 4 jumpers per school, per gender but with minimum measurable marks of 5m for boys and 3.5m for girls. Entries for triple jump will be allowed but it will only be contested as time allows and, if started, will end at 2:30 no matter the status of the event.

We will attempt to build on the positive nature of running 3k and 4×800 during field events by beginning 3k at 8:55.

Reminder: The schedule for states will be the official VPA order of events as found in the season guide with the 3k sitting between the 300 and 4×4.

Additionally, please be advised that spectators will not be allowed at this week’s meet as we do not have use of the upper track. UVM has made the upper track available for our use tomorrow! Please communicate this to your parents and fans as there will not be space on the infield for spectators.



Happy New Year! We hope that you all have had a chance to enjoy the holidays with the people you love.

We’d like to acknowledge the frustration and disappointment of having to end the first two meets before all scheduled events could be contested. For many years, a stated goal for indoor track has been to increase participation. This goal is reflected in the rules and policies of the VPA that dictate how indoor track is operated. This has been successful but it creates new challenges. We’ve reached a threshold where more participation without an increase in facility capacity or time (neither of which we have control over) leads to forced cutting of events when we inevitably run out of time.

We want to thank everyone who has shared their thoughts and recommendations for changes with us, and we have passed those ideas forward to the VPA Indoor Track & Field Committee. They have been responsive and approved the following changes effective immediately:

Updated Indoor Track & Field Meet Policies 

  • Apply the NFHS entry limit of 3 athletes per gender/per event/per team on events longer than 300m.
  • Maintain a cap of 2 athletes per gender/per event/per team on horizontal jumps.
  • Move the 3000m to the beginning of the meet for the regular season and start track events earlier.
  • 1 entry per team/per gender for relays
  • 6 team heats with waterfall starts for the 4x400m relay

Information Regarding State Championship and New England Qualification:

The State Championship Meet will be contested in the afternoon/evening of 2/4/2023 (exact time to be published once confirmed by UVM). The meet will operate as a single meet, but it will be scored as two separate divisions.

New England qualification will be determined by position at states but seasonal best marks will be submitted for seeding.

General information regarding the high school indoor track & field season can be found here: