Join our family – We are redefining “the running community” by focusing on speed and quality of movement rather than distance and quantity of miles. Sprinticity is an educational experience that empowers athletes. Our curriculum is designed to teach skills that are relevant to track and field and transferable to other athletic pursuits. We deliver results through guided holistic development.

Our Foundation

– The Four F’s –


Move beautifully

Technical mastery is essential to peak performance. We emphasize proper posture and positions to allow the body to efficiently produce force. Great form also reduces injury risk. Quality over quantity.


Feed your need for speed

There is no match for the primal satisfaction of pushing your body to its absolute speed limit. Athletes can reach their maximum potential by training at maximum velocity. The only way to run fast is to train fast.


Healthy body, healthy mind, happy soul

We build athletes, not just sprinters and jumpers. We train our athletes to be multidimensional in their movements and skills so they are prepared for all of life’s endeavors so they can stay healthy and injury free.


Train the brain

Our holistic approach to athletics prepares athletes for the physical and mental demands of their sport. What separates an athlete from their competition, when all physical attributes are equal, is the ability to execute under pressure and fatigue.