Our Mission

Sprinticity Track Club aims to be leaders in the grassroots revival of track and field by providing a unique athletic experience within a team environment through high level instruction and competition.

Club Overview

Since 2014, Sprinticity Track Club has been the elite standard for track and field clubs in Vermont. Sprinticity harbors a broad track and field community fit for athletes of any age, ability or sporting background. Train with us to get fit, learn about track and field, develop your speed, and meet other athletes. Compete with our competitive team and Elite Athletes all around the northeast. Whether you are a high school athlete looking to improve your skills, a masters athlete looking to stay fit, a collegiate athlete looking for a group to train with, or a 5k athlete looking to out-kick your opponents, Sprinticity Track Club is the right fit for you.

Club History

Sprinticity Track Club was born as a means to prolong the track and field careers of its co-founders, Kevin Chu and Tor Dworshak. At the time, it was a group of 15 sprinters and jumpers looking to train together in a group environment. Three years later, Sprinticity has grown into the most competitive track and field program in all of New England. What started as just sprints and jumps has developed immensely, becoming nearly a full-fledged track team complete with mid-distance, long distance, pole vault, sprints, and jumps, while also remaining true to its roots of being a speed development resource.

Our Foundation – The Four F’s

Form – Move beautifully. Technical mastery is essential to peak performance. We emphasize proper posture and body angles to allow for the body to efficiently produce force. Great form also reduces injury risk. Athletes that display neuromuscular development are able to execute proper technique through advanced training efforts.

Fast – Feed your need for speed. There is no match for the primal satisfaction of pushing your body to its absolute speed limit. Whoever said that speed can’t be taught is a liar. Athletes can reach their maximum potential by training at maximum velocity. The only way to run fast is to train fast.

Fit – Healthy body, healthy mind, happy soul. We build athletes not just sprinters and jumpers. High intensity efforts and maximum velocity movements demand a solid foundation of support from the core. We train our athletes to be multidimensional in their movements and skills so they are prepared for all of life’s endeavors so they can stay healthy and injury free.

Focus – Train the brain. Successful athletes separate themselves from others through their mental strength. What separates an athlete from the field when all physical attributes are equal is the ability to execute under pressure and fatigue.