Elite Program


The Sprinticity Elite Sponsored Athlete Program exists to provide support to some of Sprinticity’s most impactful post-collegiate members, to maintain a high standard of excellence within the club environment, and to increase the club’s presence at high-profile competitions. Elite members receive a seasonal stipend for entry fees, free or discounted club apparel, as well as additional financial support as needed.

The Sprinticity Directors will determine which qualified athletes will be on the Elite Roster. A single performance that surpasses the mark does not guarantee a spot on the roster. Factors that may weigh into consideration include: practice attendance, level of performance, consistency at meets, and other contributions to promote the growth of Sprinticity. Athletes may also be chosen based on their alignment with the club, and their ability to embody the Sprinticity values. Elite roster spots will be evaluated seasonally, once an athlete is placed on the roster, they will maintain the status of Elite for a year, at which point they will be reevaluated. Elite Athlete status may be revoked at any time.



Elite Roster Standards are as follows:

Event Men Women
100m 10.9 12.7
200m 22.2 25.5
400m 49.0 58.0
800m 1:53 2:15
1500m 4:06 4:50
3000m 8:45 10:30
5000m 15:20 17:30
110h/100h 14.8 15.0
400h 54.0 64.0
3000m steeplechase 10:00 12:00
Long jump 7.16m 5.70m
High jump 1.95m 1.60m
Triple jump 14m 12m
Shot put 14.6m 12m
Discus 45m 40m
Hammer 51m 40m
Javelin 51m 40m
Pole Vault 4.3m 3.35m


Contact us if you would like to be considered for Sprinticity’s Elite Roster.