Social Justice. Social Distancing. Social Sprinting.

Yes, in that order.

Social Justice

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core principles to Sprinticity Athletics. Systemic racism is the product of many generations of actions; it is not a new issue and it will take time and lots of hard work to dismantle. However, we are hopeful that the recent attention will shift our society towards a more just direction and bring about much needed change in our world. Our organization will continue to elevate people of color through impactful mentorship in the context of athletics. We will also explore new initiatives such as scholarship programs, college advising, and communications strategies that highlight the excellence of diversity in athletics. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Social Distancing

Our approach to training has always been based on science, and that is how we approach our response to COVID-19. Despite recent relaxation of guidelines in Vermont, the virus continues to threaten public health and safety. We will not be offering group training this summer. There are many logistical challenges, but the main reason for canceling the summer season is ethical. We do not believe that any service currently offered by Sprinticity Athletics is important or essential enough to risk endangering the health and safety of our community.

Social Sprinting

Trust us… it hurts to put “distance” ahead of sprinting, jumping, and throwing because we know how much fun these activities are. We have not forgotten the value of recreation and the joy it brings. However, fighting against racism and slowing the spread of COVID-19 take priority over athletics. In the meantime, we return to our roots by embracing simplicity – one of the root words of Sprinticity – and encouraging informal play and movement that create moments of joy for each of us. With that in mind, we also know that Sprinticity training is not just about the physical development. Community is just as valuable to the experience. Let’s maintain our connections and use social media to stay in community. We’ll start sharing workouts, training advice, and other content; please share your posts with us and tag Sprinticity Athletics so we can continue our community of play. #socialsprinting